Once the price of the share even reached 1,700 HUF, then it strengthened to 400 HUF from under the frog (200 HUF). How far can the share go?

The recently started reorganization of the company, which turned Synergon into a holding company, is the start of a positive process. Synergon became the owner of several companies through acquisitions and outsourcing. The parent company – Synergon Informatics Plc. – is transforming into a strategic investor company, which plans on further acquisitions on the infocommunications market in the future, initiating negotiations soon enough. The operation of the group spans to foreign markets as well, currently being present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

The positive turnaround in the company could be already felt by the end of 2011 due to the reorganization, more transparent operation and the rationalization of costs. This was the forerunner of the major improvements in the numbers in 2012; in the first three quarters the cost saving reached 789 million HUF. In Q3 in 2012 the enterprise closed the quarter with a positive balance (332 million HUF). The net profit for the first nine month amounted to 324 million HUF.

The gain from the futures transaction of shares was 47 million HUF, the forex gain amounted to 206 million, and the interest expense was 39 million. The dividend gain from the Czech subsidiary (Infinity S.A.) amounted to 110 million HUF.