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"Problems can never be solved, like that one minute they still exist, then a moment later they don't. Solving a problem is a long, tedious job." Zoltán Jutasi - 2009

Support the DEMETER House

The programme executed by Demeter House is essential. Their goal is to improve the chances for healing of children who have gone through bone marrow transplantation. They ensure the proximity of these little heroes’ patents at the St. Stephen Hospital and the Demeter House,...

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NAVIGATOR invests into a biotech company

Aperus Pharma Ltd. Was set up by NAVIGATOR together with AVIDIN, a biotech company engaged in the development of cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The primary task of NAVIGATOR is the management of the company and the coordination of negotiations with possible investors. AVI...

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Crisis manager

"I worked in almost all fields of investments and IT. The complicated constructions and the management of them are what I found captivating, and I still consider this as my biggest strength. After executing some more complex projects and saved more companies from bankruptcy, I c...

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The FUTÁR applications works well

In the past few years several articles were published about the FUTÁR project. Almost all of them were about the delayed introduction of the system, and the problematic performance of SYNERGON. Today it seems that the reorganization was good for the system, and the application w...

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“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” - Winston Churcill...

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