BKK Futár, an integrated public transportation IT and information provider system, will start operating in more phases. The first trial of the new system took place on a moving bus in December last year according to the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK).
During the trial the on-board unit worked perfectly: contacting with the dispatcher centre succeeded, the system continuously identified the location of the vehicle with success, and in accordance with that it controlled the screens that were temporarily built into the old Icarus for the time of the testing. With the replacement of the amplifier the announcement of the next stop became clearly understandable, and is no longer dependent on the bus driver: the next stop is announced by the system based on the current geographical location, even on the oldest vehicles. The first version of the central dispatcher service software is also working, and the dispatchers of BKK could track the movement of the bus. The final system will be ready by spring, and Synergon has to build it into the more than two thousand vehicles throughout the second half of the year.