Subsidiary of the SYNERGON Informatics Plc., Synergon Outsource Ltd. Concluded a contract with one of the largest European energetics company’s Hungarian subsidiary, GDF SUEZ Energy Holding Hungary Ltd. – informs the publicity the BSE’s website.

A long-term contract has been signed by the parties, according to which the subsidiary of the French GDF SUEZ S.A. will develop the required infrastructure, database, and application environment services for providing higher quality at a lower cost.

The SYNERGON Outsource Ltd. had to compete with its fierce competition in three rounds, and finally won the 3-year long contract with a total value of 350 million HUF for the maintenance of the server, the SAP, and other essential applications. As part of the agreement, SYNERGON takes over the supervision and operation of the country’s biggest data management system, which is provided to GDF SUEZ with cloud technology.

“The contract is a step forward for GDF SUEZ as the whole outsourcing of the server is realized in an innovative and effective way, which provides proper flexibility. Moreover, the system provided by SYNERGON already means a significant cost saving in the medium-term, in 2-3 years.” – said Péter Csiba, Deputy CEO of GDF SUEZ Energy Holding Hungary Ltd.

Last year the SYNERGON Group paid huge attention to establish a service and product portfolio that fits the changed market needs. A strategic goal was the improvement of one of the most important areas, the outsourcing services, and the successful application of them for our existing and new clients. As a result of the acquisitions in the past few months, the company has broadened its portfolio with such technical and services activities from which we could already benefit by winning this tender. The cloud and data centre services, together with the outsourcing services, provided a great base for us on the tender. The server hosting services are entirely provided by the NK Services Ltd., which is part of the Group, and the only company certified by the VMware as a cCloudPowered partner. The capacity of the cloud allows for the migration and virtualisation of the old tools as soon as the contract is signed. The data centre of the cloud service provider is dispersed over more locations, thus the georedundancy and higher quality of services are ensured.” – stated Zoltán Jutasi, CEO of the SYNERGON Informatics Plc.