Those medium-sized companies, which were bought up from the money Synergon received from the sale of Infinity, will raise the sales revenue and EBITDA with 3 billion and 400-450 million HUF, respectively.

As promised, Synergon Plc. quickly invested its money that flew into the company due to the sale of its Czech subsidy named Infinity S.A., and announced the purchase of more small- and medium-sized enterprises on the Hungarian market yesterday. The enterprise dedicates as much as 1.9 billion HUF for the transactions, and plans to pay the purchase price in cash and with its own shares. As stated in the press release, the newly bought enterprises will offset the loss of income from the sale of Infinity: the expectations are that the new members of the group will generate 3 billion HUF revenue and 400-450 million HUF EBITDA.

The transaction package named Dataworld includes the purchase of Hungary’s leading cloud computing service provider, NK Services Kft. Currently the company is a subcontractor of Synergon, and is expected to generate a total revenue of 600 million and an EBITDA of 300 million HUF. The Wiera Group will also be acquired, to which belongs – among others – the leading hotspot provider in Hungary, Wiera Ltd. The company provides wireless Internet connection services to such clients as Danubius Hotels Plc., Ramada, Accor hotels, gas stations of Mol Plc., and several fast food restaurants and malls. Among the members of the Group we can also find a data communication device supplier and a digital billboard rental company.