The subsidiary of Synergon Infromatics Plc., Synergon Integrator Ltd. acquired nearly 600 million HUF of non-repayable state support for the development of the innovative building maintenance system called Smart Building – communicated the company on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE).
As part of the New Széchenyi Plan, the aim of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme’s (GINOP) tender (Support to market-oriented R&D activities) is to provide the opportunity for big energy consumer companies a solution which makes the precise measurement of energy consumption possible. Furthermore, it ensures intervention and controlling options in the production and energy usage processes of the company. According to the press release not only those companies will benefit from the new system that will be able to decrease their energy consumption and automatize their energy acquisition and sales processes with the help of the system. On national economic level, the production and system controlling side might provide more system security and transfer balance. The target group of the development consists of those Central-Eastern European large enterprises at which the energy efficiency solutions are not yet developed. In the long-run they will need a system that generates gain on both the cost and income side due to its more advanced technology.