RANDOM Capital Broker Ltd. has become a ‘Nominated Adviser’ of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) after the BSE had accepted the company’s tender offer. In the new service segment NAVIGATOR Investments Ltd. became the partner of Random Capital, being responsible for the areas of corporate finance and transaction execution.

Random Capital have become the leading player in brokerage services since its establishment in 2009, and today it is the biggest independent online broker company on the BSE, possessing one of the largest base of private investors. Most of the transactions on the stock exchange are executed using the services of the company, which offers competitive prices for its services.

NAVIGATOR Investments Ltd. is a company dealing with private equity investment, corporate finance, and strategic management. As part of their service package offered to small- and medium-sized enterprises, NAVIGATOR recently has taken special attention to those businesses dealing with the issue of generation change.

Together, the two companies are able to lead these firms that want to acquire capital from the market, right from the idea, thought its successful implementation, to supporting the trade of its shares on the secondary market.

CEO of Random Capital, Ferenc Virág stated that the Nominated Adviser status is the first step in a long-term strategy, which includes the expansion of services in order to cover all aspects of investments services:

“We believe in the Hungarian capital market. The development of it is primarily dependent upon extent of local businesses using the stock exchange for acquiring capital, and that is why we want to take an active role in facilitating and strengthening this process. We are certain in that Random Capital and NAVIGATOR together can provide competitive solutions for companies that want to list their shares on the stock market.”

According to Zoltán Jutasi, CEO of NAVIGATOR Investments, at a national economy level the ageing of company owners that started their businesses right after the regime change is also a serious issue, as their succession is usually a problem.

“Among these companies we can find several for which going to the stock market can be an optimal solution. We are expanding our portfolio of services in order to contribute to the formation of the SME sector’s possibilities for the future. The appearance on the stock market and issuing shares on Xtend can provide a great solution to these companies facing the problem. They can sell part of the company and can stay in business at the same time, while a professional management is running the company.”

The two CEOs emphasised that the Xtend market of the Budapest Stock Exchange is a great initiative, which can bring the long-awaited outbreak with the financial and other incentives, primarily with the tender system made by the BSE, and the newly founded National Stock Exchange Development Fund. However, the increasement of companies listed on the market is still in the hands of the intermediary system, namely the broker companies and advisories.