NAVIGATOR, which has 10 years of experience on the market, won Graboplast’s call for a tender with a Hungarian-developed enterprise resource planning system.

One of the Hungarian ERP developer and consulting companies, Navigator Ltd. won Graboplast’s tender for developing its ERP system. The group, consisting of five subsidiaries, successfully introduced the ERP system during autumn. 

Graboplast launched the call for tender on introducing its own ERP system in December 2002, and invited the major players on the market, including Navigator, which won the tender with a Hungarian-developed software, beating the other big software developers. The company’s competitive advantage is due to the low price and high flexibility and customizability, which are characteristics of both software products sold on the market, namely Microsoft Business Solutions Navision and Vectory.

The general manager of the Economic Centrum of Graboplast, Attila Ambrus said:“Besides the favourable price-to-value offer, we chose Navigator because it offered a highly flexible system, considering the unique needs and the promise to deliver the software in the shortest possible time.” 

Having 10 years of experience in the field, flexibility has been integrated into the philosophy and activities of Navigator. General Manager of Navigator, Zoltán Jutasi added: “In IT, flexibility means for us that we possess the ability to react quickly to unforeseeable events. Maybe it is the reason for the fast development of the company, and also the main reason for reaching more than three times the turnover of the previous financial year, exceeding 300 million HUF revenue this year.”