Since Saturday (30 Nov 2007) Zoltán Jutasi is the new CEO, whereas Gyula Gansperger is the new Vice President at KÉSZ Holding.

The company informed us about the change in a press release. Both of them also take part in the leadership of the company as part owners.


Mihály Varga, the majority owner of the business resigns from his position as a CEO, and serves as a Vice President in KÉSZ from now on.

Mr Jutasi, the new CEO was the chief executive officer of Navigator Informatika S.A. for a decade. He left the company last year (2006) in order to work at Wallis S.A.

Mr Gansperger, who became the CEO of Wallis in the previous year, resigned this September.

Between 1998 and 2001 he first was the CEO of ÁPV S.A., then of Budapest Airport S.A., and later on occupied leadership position at Wallis until the end of this summer. The announcement also mentions that the construction company changed its structure, and organized its activities into independent business organizations.

The Group’s construction business association, KÉSZ Ltd. is increasing its sales revenue considerably besides the shrinking/tightening/narrowing of the market, and its turnover will surpass 54 billion HUF. The foreign affiliates also show remarkable results, carrying out industrial and commercial projects of international business associations in the surrounding countries.

The plan of the leadership include that the whole group’s revenue will be above 70 billion HUF in the financial year of 2007.